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Stormwater Division

The Stormwater Division performs drainage improvements throughout the City of Franklin, including the following: 

  • Inspection of all newly constructed drainage systems and ponds 
  • Clearing debris from storm grates 
  • Replacing broken storm grates and deteriorated pipe 
  • Flushing clogged drainage systems 
  • Removing silt buildup from detention ponds 
  • Removing and replacing failed drainage structures 
  • Constructing drainage swales 
  • Constructing gabian baskets for erosion control 
  • Building headwalls 
  • Installation of new drainage pipes 
  • Placing stabilization material for drainage ditches 
  • Pouring concrete water quality ditches 
  • Reconstructing drainage ditches 
  • Regrading, resodding and reseeding of drainage ditches and/or swales




Last updated: 1/17/2010 1:05:42 PM