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The City is fortunate to have over 700 acres of parklands divided into 16 parks including passive parks, active parks and historical parks. Each park has its own character and amenities. Walking and fitness trails, playgrounds, picnic tables and shelter areas, sports fields, skateboarding, disc golf, tennis, basketball and fishing, are a few of the possible park features. Specific pavilions and facilities are also available to rent for a reasonable fee for your personal or corporate functions.

Of our 16 Parks, fifty–six (56%) percent of the parks are completed with the other forty-four (44)% in varying stages of completion. Updates and development plans can be viewed in the subsection of Park Reports in Department Services.

Click on the following links for information about City parks and locations, rental opportunities, pavilions, athletic fields, sports, recreation programs and more.

Visit a Franklin Park "A Retreat fromt the Ordinary"


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