Frequently Asked Questions


Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Board of Zoning Appeals- Can I get a Variance?
  • By Banks: What information needs to be printed in a letter of credit?
  • By Owners/Applicants: What do I do following approval of my site plan or final plat by the FMPC/COF?
  • By Owners/Applicants: What are Performance/Maintenance Agreements and Surety (cash, letters of credit)?
  • By Owners/Applicants: What are Improvements?
  • By Residents: How can I find out if the developer is still responsible for specific improvements in my subdivision or at a commercial site near my home?
  • By Residents: What can the City do to compel a developer to do something that the residents consider important?
  • How do I build a new building?
  • What is a site plan and what is its review process?
  • Can I subdivide my property (residential or nonresidential)?