Administrative Manual & Submittal Requirements


 The first step of the City’s development review process is providing purposeful feedback during Pre-Application Meetings. By making this change, City staff will provide applicants with written comments and guidance at the very beginning of the process on specific development elements. Hopefully, when it is time for the formal, Initial Submittal all major development elements as provided on the Pre-Application checklist(s) will have been addressed and correctly noted on plans. The Planning & Sustainability Department together with our electronic plan review partner, IDT have created an on-line tool for scheduling Pre-Application Meetings through the IDT portal. This new tool will be available for use beginning Monday, March 31st. Pre-Application Meeting scheduling will be completed through the City’s electronic plan review system, IDT The applicant overview is:  
and City staff will have approximately ten working days to review plans and bring prepared, written comments to Pre-Application Meetings.

Below is an overview of the new Pre-Application Meeting process:
1. The Applicant chooses the appropriate submittal type.
2. The Applicant is presented with the Pre-App Conference checklist.
3. The Applicant uploads the submittal documents required by the checklist.
4. The Applicant confirms that their submittal process is complete 5
5. Co-leaders are notified that a new project has arrived.  Co-leaders have two days to review for completeness.
6. Co-leaders review the document set to determine if it meets the checklist requirements and decide whether a pre-app is needed and if one is needed the Planner will schedule.
7. Co-leaders reject the submittal if it falls short of compliance. The applicant will then be allowed to upload any additional information needed for compliance. (Note: deadlines will be given to meet submittal compliance in order to keep the scheduled date and time.)
8. Co-leaders accept the submittal once it meets all requirements (see checklist).
9. Review staff are automatically notified there is a pre-app scheduled. Review staff make notes and comments in the IDT ISSUES tracking feature to discuss during the pre-app.
10. If a Pre-App Conference is needed it takes place at the agreed day and time.
11. Staff has one day after the pre-app to enter any additional results/notes/requirements during the Pre-App Conference into the IDT ISSUES tracking feature. The findings will then become a part of the official record and reside in the document management area of the project’s IDT page.
12. Staff will “close” the project at which point the project is returned to the applicant to await Initial Submittal.
13. The Applicant revisits “My Submittals” and elects to continue the submittal process by selecting “Resubmit”.
14. The project is automatically chained to the appropriate workflow such as “Site Plan Full Review”.


Another enhancement launched in IDT is that fees can now be paid by Electronic Check giving applicants two options for online payments. Online payments is the preferred method for all submittals.

As always, questions about accessing the IDT electronic plan review portal, paying fees, uploading of plans, and scheduling pre-application meetings can be sent to Susan Coleman at  

Administrative Manual The Administrative Manual is the one-stop source for all community development documents and review procedure within the City of Franklin. It contains brief overviews of the city's policy documents and land-use regulations, as well as descriptions of all the reviewing departments and agencies, commissions, and boards.

The manual is structured to provide easy access to the specific information needed about a particular planning document, review body, or development review procedure.

Review Procedures and Checklists Outlined in the Administrative Manual

  • Preapplication Conferences and Preliminary Concept Meetings
  • Land Use Plan Amendments
  • Zoning Map Amendments
  • Planned Unit Development Concept Plans and Regulating Plans (PUDs)
  • Preliminary and Final Plats
  • Site Plans
  • Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)for Historic Preservation Related Projects
  • Variances and Appeals of Administrative Decisions
  • Stormwater Management Permits
  • Tree Removal Permits
  • Grading and Erosion Control Permits
  • Sign Permits

Other important information covered by the Administrative Manual

What’s the latest version?
The Administrative Manual may be updated periodically throughout the year. Please contact the Planning Staff at (615) 791-3212 to ensure that you have the most up-to-date edition.

Where to find a copy of the Administrative Manual?

Printed versions are available at City Hall, 109 Third Avenue South, Franklin, TN 37064:
in the City Recorder’s office, and the Planning Department.

How can I comment on the Administrative Manual?
The public has two ways to comment on the Administrative Manual. Written comments can be submitted:

  • Via email at , or;
  • Via postal mail at Attention: Planning Supervisor, City of Franklin Planning Department, 109 Third Avenue South, Franklin, TN 37064.

How are updates and revisions made to the Administrative Manual?
The Planning Director has the authority to amend the Administrative Manual to effectuate the intent of the Zoning Ordinance. Such administrative regulations, forms, and appendices will be published at least thirty (30) days prior to their effective date and placed on file at the City Recorder’s Office and at the Planning Department for public inspection and written comment.

How can I get an estimate of building & development fees for commercial projects?