Goose Creek Detour Info

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 New! August 22, TDOT Release: Interchange Bridge expected to be complete November 27, weather and material availability pending.

NEW! Goose creek progress 1Photo dated August 21, 2014 from Commissioner John Schroer of TDOT, "Center pier of new bridge already formed, ready for concrete!"

On August 15, a tanker truck collided with the Goose Creek Interchange bridge.  Our thoughts are with the driver's family after this tragic accident.

State transportation officials confirmed the construction on the new bridge, and the old bridge were compromised, and needed to be torn down immediately fPeytonsville bridgeor the safety of drivers on I-65 and Goose Creek/Peytonsville Road. TDOT contractors tore down the old bridge on Saturday 8/16.  Traffic flow on I-65 was restored on Sunday 8/17  in both directions and the on and off ramps are now accessible.  There is no bridge at this time going across I-65 East and West.  TDOT reports it will take approximately 100 days to re-build the bridge. Stay tuned to @franklintnpd, @cityoffranklin, @franklintraffic, @TDOTheather on Twitter and for the latest updates.

Click HERE for a local detour map for the next approximate 100 days uconstruction, petytonsville bridgentil TDOT rebuilds the bridge.  This is a perfect time for citizens to try to work flex hours to avoid this area during peak drive times.  Also, check out RTA and the relax and ride service. 

For information on school bus routing please contact your local school. Schools are urging parents to put their children on the bus to alleviate traffic in school zones during the re-construction of the Goose Creek/Peytonsville Bridge.  Franklin Police will work with County and State officials to offer extra patrols in the affected areas and school zones during peak hours.

The City in partnership with Williamson County has established an emergency response staging area at the County Ag Center to serve citizens on the South East side of the City during the re-construction of the Goose Creek/Peytonsville bridge.  This will include equipment from Franklin Fire, Franklin Police and the County EMS. Firefighters at Ag Center staging area