Department Operations


Chris Bridgewater, Director
email: chris.bridgewater
Phone: (615) 794-7012
Fax: (615) 591-9066

The City of Franklin's Building and Neighborhood Services Department ensures that the public's safety, health and general welfare are secure by enforcing Codes  governing new construction, existing housing, and historic districts. Responsibilities of this department include: plan review, building permit issuance and inspection, tree preservation, building condemnations, removal of disabled vehicles, high grass, and the enforcement of other standards and regulations found in the Franklin Municipal Code and Zoning Ordinance. There are three divisions within this department: 1) Building Codes Enforcement and Inspections, 2) Development Services and Zoning, and 3) Neighborhood Resources and Property Maintenance.  The department also includes the Housing Development Coordinator who administers the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. 

Development Services and Zoning
This division is responsible for general operation and administration in the department and issues all building, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical permits.  The division also includes zoning compliance and development coordination, including Floodplain Development.  As part of the permitting process, the division coordinates building plan reviews and the process of departmental "sign-offs" of new construction projects after they are approved by the Franklin Municipal Planning Commission and/or the Staff Development Review Team (DRT).  This division is also responsible for reviewing and issuing Sign permits.

Building Codes Enforcement and Inspections:
Supervisor: Allen Lewis, Building Official 

This division provides “one-stop shopping” for all plans review and inspections that are required for all nonresidential and residential construction in the City. For nonresidential projects, plan review is required in the areas of structural and architectural, plumbing, mechanical and electrical. Inspections are required in those disciplines for residential as well as nonresidential projects. 

Neighborhood Resources and Property Maintenace
Supervisor:  Michael LePore 

The goal of the this division is to enhance our community through identifying and coordinating the resources available to the citizens of Franklin.  When necessary, the staff of Neighborhood Resources is also responsible for the enforcement of the International Property Maintenance Code, City of Franklin Municpal Code and the Zoning Ordinance as they pertain to securing public safety, health and general welfare.