City Engineer/Capital Improvement


The CIP Division coordinates and manages the future and current development capital project's needs of the City of Franklin. We work with the other City Departments, elected officials, and the citizens of Franklin to ensure that our water, sanitary sewer, reclaimed (reuse) water, stormwater, streets and transportation, parks, public buildings, ect. infrastructure is designed and constructed properly and that it meets all local, state and federal standards and guidelines. The division is also responsible for liaison with other municipal county, state, federal government entities and regulatory agencies. 

Capital Investment Committee

The following is a summary of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BOMA) approved FY 2010 - 2014 CIP Projects and Priority Ranking. BOMA approved this CIP on September 8, 2009 at their regularly scheduled meeting. As can be seen, there are several ties in the rankings as evidenced by projects having the same priority. The Mack Hatcher Parkway Extension Project (highlighted in yellow) is listed after the priority ranked projects with no priority ranking as a means to keep track of the project. The City has already committed its share of funding for this project (Mack Hatcher Extension) and is working towards completing its share of the work responsability.
City Projects Priority Ranking 2010-2014
City Projects Priority Ranking 2014-2018

The BOMA approved (September 22, 2009) the funding for the projects listed as Scenario 7 of the various funding scenario options in the developed financial models. The projects included in Scenario 7 are; Hillsboro Road Improvements, Columbia Avenue-5-Points to Fowlkes, McEwe Drive Phase III Improvements and Third Avenue Extension. Click here to see the full report.